4X game ideas:




I have developed a series of technologies that can be adapted for use in any number of different types of space game. This project aims to develop a game out of these technologies. The actual gameplay could be anything from a sandbox universe or rail shooter to an RTS or 4X game. It could be a traditional PC singleplayer game, an online multiplayer game or even a console game, and it could be web-based, mobile-based or desktop-based. At the moment all that exists is a series of 3D graphics technologies that can be applied to any project.

My dream project would be a 4X game, as that's what I've been working toward and thinking about. It's probably a bad idea to do your dream project as your first, however, particularly as there'll be no budget for the first game. The plan is to come up with a game idea we can push out rapidly using my existing graphics techs, either for realtime rendering or for pre-generation of content.

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